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Think group fitness is only for girls?
Try one of our BodyPump classes!

Who is BodyPump for?
Anyone who wants to lose fat and grow muscular endurance in a group setting.
Will I get bulky (hypertrophy)?
Most likely not as the emphasis is on high reps / manageable weights. You can grow stronger as your form improves and you challenge yourself with more weight
Do I have to know how to weight lift?
No. Your instructor will talk you through target muscle groups, tempo (for muscle confusion and occlusion training) as well as proper form. If you already know these things, then you can just jump right in! No worries.
What if I am not very coordinated? Isn't group fitness all about fancy footwork?
Not BodyPump. It is a weight training class. No clapping, no tapping your toes to the side, no double taps either! Strict training forms that you can take with you to the weight room to enhance your own workout.
Um, it sounds boring and hard. Is it?
HA! NO AND NO! Les Mills™ spends millions of dollars to ensure the music is topnotch and current. The exercise science is solid, but the fun factor is high!

Train hard, play hard. That's our motto!

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